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Do you ship all around New Zealand?

Yes, we sure do!


Do you have a physical address where I can purchase products from?

Yes we do, we sell the Vivo Life product range at our Health Club, IHF Health Club located at 166 Cashel Street in Christchurch.


What is the difference between Vivo Life PERFORM Raw Plant Protein & BCAA powder and other vegan protein powders on the market?

Vivo Life PERFORM Raw Plant Protein & BCAA Powder is made using only real food ingredients, so you know exactly what you are consuming. This product also contains other beneficial ingredients, which vary depending on the flavour you choose, such as Himalayan Salt, Turmeric extract, Spirulina plus several other beneficial ingredients. This makes it a stand out product in the market, plus it’s hands down the best tasting plant protein available in New Zealand!


What are BCAAs and what are they for?

BCAAs stand for branch chain amino acids, which is what protein is made up of. It’s used to help prevent muscle breakdown during your workout, plus it can help sustain your workout for longer. It is added into all four PERFORM Raw Plant Protein flavours. We also sell another product called SUSTAIN which is a BCAA & Coconut Water powder used during your workout to help prevent muscle breakdown and injury.


What type of protein powder is used in PERFORM Raw Plant Protein & BCAA?

The protein used is a combination of protein sources with the majority being Bio-fermented Yellow Pea Protein, as well as Cold Pressed Hemp Protein, Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella and Spirulina (depending on which flavour you choose).


Are all the products Gluten Free and Dairy Free?

Yes, the full Vivo Life product range is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, contains no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, non GMO, no herbicides, no pesticides, free from banned substances and made in a certified organic facility in the UK. All products are 100% Vegan certified.